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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mi Bag

I am always looking for stylish bags to carry all my "mommy crap" in! I found the perfect ones!

"Paper or Plastic? Just say, 'Mi-Bag'!"

Mi-Bags are not only stylish but they are a great size. I got my Mi-Bag in the mail Saturday afternoon. Well, that night I was having an Avon party at my friends house. I needed to load up my stuff and busted my Mi-Bag out. Let me tell you, I had that thing PACKED with stuff. It probably weighed about 20lbs and the Mi-Bag held up so well. 

Mi-Bag is made of 100% nylon with a double layer handle for durability, and they say it holds up to 22lbs. Another feature I loved about the Mi-Bag was that it has a little pocket inside. With my hands full, I didn't have a place for my phone. The pocket made it so I knew right were it was. 

This pocket is also used for storing the Mi-Bag. How you ask? Well, the whole bag folds up and fits right inside the built in pocket. 

Here is an image of what I'm talking about. You can see the full size bag but then on the right bottom corner, that is what it looks like all folded up.

Go check out Mi-Bag and see how you can do your part to help the economy!

Mi-Bags has been gracious enough to give me a discount code for my readers! This code will be good from today until July 11th!

When placing your order enter the code LESLIE for 20% off!!!!

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