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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


On those cool spring, summer and fall nights wouldn't you love something to keep your little ones legs warm but not be pants? Well I have the perfect thing for you. BabyLegs!

The only way I can really describe them are tights without the feet and without the waist. Basically, you just pull them up to your little ones thighs and they go down to the ankles. They are awesome!

Haylee, my 20 mo old has some big things. BabyLegs says that "one size fits most" I was thinking uh-huh like you can fit her thunder thighs! Well, they do!! And they look darn cute! Here is the pair that we have, Popcicle. 

BabyLegs has a variety of designs. I think that anyone would be able to find their own style there.

When I was browsing their site I saw a place where people show how they are wearing their BabyLegs. Well, just because it is ment for your legs doesn't mean it has to go there. Take a look!

Head over to BabyLegs and see if they have something for you and your little one!


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