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Monday, May 19, 2008

Flip Video Ultra

I was so fortunate to receive a Flip Video Ultra to review. I want to first start off by saying how in LOVE with this camera I am. It is so easy to use!!!

I'll start off by sharing the particulars of the video camera and then go into my experience.

The model I received was the 60 minute 2 GB one. Just like this one.

There is a No Glare display screen that is 1.4". It has instant playback WITH audio!! It also has a one touch 2x digital zoom.

On the side of the camera is a spot to hook a cord right to your TV. When I first opened the product I was thinking yeah...this little thing will shoot TV quality videos. Well, it does! I hooked it to my LCD screen TV and it came in so crystal clear and the audio was awesome.

One feature that I LOVED about the Flip Video Ultra was that I didn't have to install any software onto my computer. All I did was flip the USB plug out, plug it into my computer and it did it's thing. Seconds later I was viewing my videos. So convenient! As for getting rid of those bad shots, you are able to delete the videos not only from the computer but also right on the camera.

The Flip Video Ultra takes 2 AA batteries. It has an up to 2.5 hour battery life when using regular Energizer batteries, and an up to 6.5 hour battery life when using Energizer e2 batteries.

Here is an excerpt from the literature that I was sent along with the Flip Video Ultra.
"Pure Digital Technologies today introduced the Flip Video Ultra Series, it's next-generation line of highly compact digital camcorders to make it easier than ever for on-the-go consumers to shoot and share high-quality video."

They go on to say that it's slim size is perfect for any pocket. I totally agree! I am going to just put this thing in my purse. That way I'm never caught ever again saying, "Man, I wish I had my camcorder right now!" Its dimensions are 4.17" x 2.16" x 1.25" (H x W x D).

If you're a busy on-the-go parent like I am, lugging a heavy video camera is pretty impractical. For only $149.99 you can get the 1GB (30 minute) camera. For only $179.99 you are able to get the one I have, the 60 minute camera. You will never miss capturing a memory again!

The Flip Video Ultra is available for purchase Nationwide at Target,, Best Buy,,, Costco and other national retailers.

Here are two videos that I shot of my daughter today. Sorry, she is teething and wasn't being very friendly, and my video taping skills aren't that awesome either! lol


  1. Great review Leslie!! I want one of those cameras!! The videos of Haylee are too cute!!

  2. That is a great review! I want one of those!

    -Diana (Winter Ivy)

  3. That is a great review!!! I want one of those cameras too lol.
    The videos are soo cute.

  4. That's GREAT hun! I want one of those too for the babies birth!!


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