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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beautiful outside

Well, Mother Nature read my post about being tired of summer, and she did something about it! These past three days have been absolutely beautiful! As I'm typing right now, I am sitting on my porch watching my little one run around in our yard, playing with all her toys. It is gorgeous outside, only 71*!!! If it were to stay like this all year long I'd be completely content.

Jon and I are almost to the one year mark for our wedding. In 19 days it will be 1 year and that day I will be booking the hall. It's so exciting, yet I'm scared at the same time. I am no second thoughts about marrying him, (most of the time! haha) we've been together for almost 4 years, and have lived together all but one month of those years so nothing drastic will change. But becoming someones WIFE is a scary thought.

On Thursday I went and got all my wedding stuff from my aunts house and since he hadn't seen any of it yet we went through it. Looking at it with him makes it so real, that in a little over a year, we will be married!

Ok, enough babbling from me. I have a question. If you are married, what is you most memorable moment from your wedding? If you aren't, what is your dream wedding like?


  1. The most memorable moment from my wedding would be when we were doing out vowes Justin looked so serious & so deeply in love with me, it made me so over joyed and proud to be marrying the man who I knew would be my forever! When we watch the video we both agree that we both had that amazing look on our faces of TRUE LOVE and are proud we still feel & have that look to each other!!

  2. Honestly mine will just be the fact of us being married and it being offical with Nicholas and Jaszmien there. I am excited to have our kids in the wedding I think it will only make it more special


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