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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bug on a wall

Ever wonder how to decorate your kids room? Or how about how to paint their favorite animal up there? Ever hear of Bug On A Wall?

With their help painting that tiger or butterfly is no problem. They offer a variety of stencil desgins for you to choose from.

Does your Princess want her very own castle?

Or little Jr. wants his very own car?
Or are your kids into animals?

I did a curly letter "H" on my daughter Haylee's wall. It was fairly simple. Took a lot of paitence and a steady hand but it went well.

When doing a Bug On A Wall stencil you have three options. You can either cut out the image and trace it, use the carbon copy paper that they provide you with and trace it on the wall, or cut the image away from the rest of the paper and use it just like a stencil.

I used the carbon copy paper. It worked pretty well. The only thing I was disappointed in was, when I think of stencil I think of hard plastic or cardboard. This was just like typing paper. I'm not sure how well cutting the design out and painting over it just like a stencil would work.

Here is beginning and end:

Take a look to see if they have something for you? Bug On A Wall


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