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Monday, June 23, 2008

We hit a BIG milestone today!

Any parent that has potty trained their toddler knows what a great feeling it is when your little one FINALLY grasps it! Well...that day has come for us today. She have been peeing all day by herself and just an hour or so ago she come RUNNING from her bedroom. She sat down and poopied!!! :):):):) I was in tears. It is such a bittersweet thing to see your little one growing up so fast.

Today I wasn't in the mood and even told DH that I just didn't feel like potty training today and then she goes and does it herself. lol

Needless to say, this chick has been getting all kinds of stickers on her Potty Chart today. lol


  1. Congratulations!!! We're in the midst of potty training. She'll go pee, but she waits until we put her in a diaper for bed to go poop. It's so frustrating!

  2. he he he he, that's how it was with us to, I was like forget this, cause Aria would throw a fit when I wouldn't let her wear a diaper, then low and behold on her own. KIDS!!! lol


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