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Monday, May 12, 2008

What I've learned since I became mom

When I was pregnant I had all these people telling me, "Get all the rest you can now, because when the baby comes it's all over!" I smiled and nodded, while secretly thinking to myself, "whatever, I'll be able to sleep!" HA YEAH RIGHT!!! Three days home from the hospital and I was begging for a caffeine IV! So the first thing I learned was Sleep when the baby sleeps! It doesn't matter if it's 2:00 in the afternoon...if the baby is sleeping YOU should be sleeping.

Growing up with all my little cousins I dreaded when I was holding the baby and it spit up. I'd gag and ask my aunts how they did do you not get sick youself when you have to deal with baby puke, baby poop and anything else that comes with baby and smells. The answer I always got was, "You'll get used to it, it's different when it's your own." Once again I smile and nod and think YEAH RIGHT! So that first poopy diaper I got myself prepared. I covered my nose with my shirt and proceeded to change her. The 2nd thing I learned is, it IS different when it's your own. Suddenly the poop doesn't smell THAT bad and the spit up wipes away. It's something that you learn to deal with because it came from YOUR baby! I never would imagine that as I hear my little one spitting up if the closest thing to catch it was my hand, my hand was what I used.

Some other things I have learned now that I'm mommy is:
- You no longer operate on YOUR schedule...the baby rules the roost.

-Things will never go as planned anymore, no use getting all worked up about it. Adjust things and move on.

-Getting read to walk out the door no longer only take a few minutes. Start planning to leave 10 minutes earlier that you wanted and you'll be on time.

-You are no longer have a are now know as little so and so's mommy

-People don't want to see you, that want the baby. Go anywhere alone and all you hear is "Where's the baby...Did you bring the baby?"

I think the most important thing I have learned is:
I never knew my heart could contain so much love for one little person!


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  3. Hey Leslie! Just wanted to stop in and say hi! You know that every word of this is true.. LOL
    I've learned a lot since I became Mom!!


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