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Saturday, May 3, 2008

We found a venue!

When we first got engaged although the wedding was a year and a half away I couldn't help but start planning and buying stuff. Since my dad and step-mom had just gotten married last year I kinda knew what all we needed to get.

First on my mind was WHERE to even have this thing. We're not the traditional couple AT ALL and it's going to show. I have always dreamed of getting married outside by a pond or something. I couldn't think of any places to make that dream a reality so we just started considering have it at the American Legion like my mom and step-dad did. We figured we could just hold the ceremony on the lawn outside.

I have an arch that we're going to decorate and then just take inside with us for the reception. We figured that if anyone wanted to sit down then they could bring a chair from outside.

So that was all set...or so I thought!! haha

I got a call from my dad last week telling me that him and my uncle had just taken a motorcycle ride and stopped at a place called Otsego Park. I knew I had been there before but all I remember was trails that we walked on while I was in Ecology in highscool. He said he wanted to take me there to see what I thought. I talked to my mom and she goes "Leslie, I wouldn't. Last time I was there it was really dirty and junky. The hall looked like a shelter house." Well since he is my dad and seemed like he was trying to help I decided to go look at it.

AMAZING is the only word to describe this place. There is set of stairs that leads to a patio type thing. This patio is right in front of the Maumee River. It's set in a great location too, it's right where the river sorta have this little waterfall place. Absolutely beautiful! Of course I didn't take my camera so next time I go back I have to get pictures.

I found out that I would spend the same amount to rent this place that I love as I would for the Legion which I would settle for!

So Otsego Park and I have a date next August!!! lol

It's feels so great to know that we have a place to get married. Now all we have to do is find someone to marry us! Bah! lol


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