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Monday, April 28, 2008

Very Helpful Song

All parents want to find aids to help them teach their kids the basics right? Well David Tobocman has come up with a great way to help. Here is an exceprt from his website, Very Helpful Songs

I’m a Dad and I started writing fun songs for my kids to help teach them the ways of the world -- Important stuff like coping with frustration, keeping clean, why we keep our clothes on, the importance of creative thinking, and the comforting idea of a secure home. I know that my two kids have learned a lot through these songs and I hope these songs can help out your kids too.
I live with my family in Southern California. We have 2 little girls, three cats, a fish, a Mom and a Dad in our house. No matter where kids live and what shape and size their family, I know that these fun songs carry universal lessons in a language that everyone understands -- music!

The minuite I popped his CD in Haylee, my 19 month old was hooked! She loved dancing around to "I Can Count To 10" where David helps kids learn to count and deal with anger.

"1, 2, 3 - I feel the anger
4, 5, 6 - I need a friend
7, 8, 9 - I'm getting better
10 - now I'm myself again"

Another one of our favorites is "Dreamin' the Dream" where David tells kids that they can be whatever you want to as long as you dare to dream.

Head on over to Very Helpful Songs, check out David's site and order yourself a CD for you little one, you won't regret it! :)


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