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Friday, April 25, 2008

The Polka Dot Tot Spot

The Polka Dot Tot Spot is a shop on Etsy that I ran across. I fell in love with all the products. I was lucky enough to receive one of their Jingle Balls. 

The Jingle Ball is made out of very durable fabric in the chocolate lollipop pattern, stuffed perfectly and has a little jingle ball in the middle. At first I was worried about the jingle ball. I was wondering if it was going to be too loud and drive me crazy. (You know like the Christmas presents grandma and grandpa insist on getting the kids. The ones that you can't wait for the batteries to die in!) I was very happy when I heard just the tiniest of jingles. Loud enough to keep the kids interested but soft enough that it doesn't bother you.

I think the ball is just soft enough to not hurt the kids. It's perfect for my little one right now as we are teaching her to play catch. She only laughed when it bounced off her head!

Along with custom orders some of the other items that are handmade are Cloth Blocks & Birthday Banners.

Head on over to The Polka Dot Tot Spot to see all of their amazing products! Don't forget to tell them that I sent ya! :)


  1. OH I love the balls and the blocks How cute!!! I'll have to check them out, I have a baby shower to buy for, that might be a great idea.

    Congrats on your 1st review :D

  2. How those are so cute looking!!! Love all their products!

  3. Thanks so much Leslie! Hope you little one enjoys!! :)
    Heather .......The Polka Dot Tot Spot!!

  4. Great site!! Lots of cool items. Congrats on your first review!!!

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