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Saturday, April 12, 2008


Well we're getting all packed and ready to head home tomorrow. I'm excited. I miss my bed...miss my cats...and of course Jon! lol

Mom and I got A TON of wedding stuff done while I was here. We pretty much have all of the decorations for the reception and stuff bought.

I'm making all the bouquets, all the mens bouts, the girls corsages and table decorations myself. They are made of wire and beads. Here is what they are going to sorta look like. 

Mine will be REALLY full. I'm going to use about 350-500 bridesmaids will have 150-200, the pic is about what the girls will look like. The table decorations will be about 50ish and the corsage and bouts will have about 15. So I have a lot of work on my hands. Luckily we have a year and a half!!! lol

I think that's about all for today, I have some more packing to do and then mom and I are watching a movie in a half hour. It's The Memory Keepers Daughter, the book was awesome so we are hoping the movie will be cool.

Next time I blog I'll be home sweet home!! OHIO HERE I COME!


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