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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I am an Independent Avon Sales Rep working on getting my leadership status. I am two people away from my first unit! :)

If ANYONE is interested in buy or selling Avon please contact me. I would love your business and of course for you to be on my team. Head over to my Avon store where you can buy 24/7 and we even offer direct shipping. 

Right now, we are having free shipping on orders over $10. If you are interested let me know and I'll get you the promo code.

As for selling, all you pay is one time fee of $10 and you are able to get products at 50% off! If 10 people spend $20 each that is an order of $200. At 50% to you, that's 100 in your pocket!!! If 20 people spend $20 that's a $400 order and $200 of that goes straight to you! You keep what you are owed and pay Avon the difference. No waiting on a check or anything.

We offer 21 FREE online courses to help you get your business going, and just like me, you could have your own FREE website where anyone could buy at any time. 

Avon requires no inventory and the best thing is YOU'RE the boss!!! You decide how much time you want to devote, you set your own hours!

So as I said, if you are interested at all in buy or selling leave me a comment or email me at

In the next month I will be hosting an Avon giveaway with a bunch of our products. (Shower gel, lotions, makeup, bug spray, etc.) Keep checking back to enter.

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