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PR Friendly

Review and/or Giveaways

Thank you for considering me for a product review/giveaway!
There are only a few guidelines I have for features on my blog.
  • When I receive a product I will try my best to get the review up as quick as possible. This should not take more than 2 weeks. My real job (being a mommy) tends to throw me curve balls so if I expect the review to take longer than that, I will be in contact with you.
  • Once your product reaches me as a giveaway or review it becomes my sole property. It will not be return as I have used it to test or will use it as a giveaway.
  • I always give my honest opinion when posting reviews. 
  • Contests will be close on the posted deadline, as long as there are at least 30 entries. If there are not 30 or more entries, I will extend the length.
I do reviews for free. In exchange for the wonderful opportunity to review your product, you will receive promotion by the following ways:
  • Free advertising for a month in the form of a 125x125 px button
  • Twitter Postings
  • My post shown on my personal Facebook as well as my blogs Fan page
Hosting a giveaway as well as a review on my blog gets you the following:
  • Free advertising for THREE months in the form of a 125x125 px button
  • Multiple twitter posts from not only me, but people entering the giveaway
  • Promotion of the giveaway on multiple blogs and giveaway sites
  • The giveaway shown on my personal Facebook as well as my Fan page, AND promotion of it from others wanting to enter.

Need some inexpensive've come to the right place!

Below are my customary advertising prices:
  • 125×125 ad : $20/month or $50/3 months
  • 250×125 ad: $30/month or $75/3 months
  • Text only ad: $10/month or $25/3 months
Want something bigger? Contact me and we'll see what we can work out! :) 
Images designed by you in the sizes above are welcome with open arms...if you need an image made in those sizes, we can work it out. 
Looking for FREE advertising, check out the top of this post to see how! :)
All payment need to be made via paypal.

Please don't hesitate to CONTACT ME if you have any questions of concerns.