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Friday, November 26, 2010

Sparkin' Barbie

Yesterday after eating Turkey, I decided to venture to my dad's basement. A place I haven't really been in almost 7 years since moving out on my own. I had one thing in mind when I went down there. Some Christmas presents for Haylee! I knew there was a tote down there that contained all of my old Barbies, doll house stuff, and play kitchen things.

I spent most of last night, and a good part of today cleaning everything up. Trying to get the mildew smell out of Barbies hair, and bleaching the kitchen stuff so it's sanitary for the kids to play with.

While cleaning the things, I was playing a bit of course and started playing with my Rollerblading Barbie circa 1991.

Sure she looks all innocent and sweet

.....WhoTF came up with this thing! Here is a video of me demonstrating.

Dude...did they WANT me to kill us all?! Seriously! LOL

OH And here's the cutie pie who found the badly hidden presents already.


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