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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dear Fall...

Let me first start off by telling you how much I have missed you!!!

I am excited. Fall has officially hit Ohio! It is hoodie and jean weather, rainy (I don't really miss that part! lol), the leaves are falling, and we're thinking about trick-or-treating!

I made my FAVORITE fall dessert the other day and it tasted so good! The taste of pumpkin just solidified the fact that it's FALL!!!!!!!!

We have our first Trick-or-treating this weekend. My dad is a season camper and his campground is hosting their trick-or-treating this weekend. We are very excited! As I previously posted and review, Haylee will be Jesse from Toy Story, and we FINALLY found Zak a Buzz costume!

I can't wait to post pictures of them all dressed up!

What are your kids going as this year?

1 comment:

  1. Fall is my favorite season too! Wow, that's early for trick or treating.


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