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Saturday, August 7, 2010


This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Glidden. All opinions are 100% mine.

The best way to spruce up a room, and only takes a little bit of effort is to re-paint. It give your room a whole new look, for not a lot of money. I love going to the store and looking through the paint chips. Deciding what new color to do is my favorite part of the whole experience.

The only room in our home that hasn't been painted is our bedroom. Jon and I are on total opposites ends of the color spectrum. We have been visiting Glidden and checking out their online color palettes. I want a bright and sunny room that I can be happy when I enter it. And he would rather have it all black. Something to keep it dark and make it easier to sleep in.

The Glidden website also has a list of their Top 10 palettes which is nice because it's less searching and more deciding! Another feature of the site I love is their Room Painter. Right on the site, you're able to pick your color scheme and drag the colors to the walls and trim of a virtual room to see what it will actually look like.

When the colors are pick, or at least narrowed down to a few different shades, the best part about Glidden paint is their Ready-To-Go Paint Testers. They are pre-tinted little containers of paint with brushes built right in to the lid. Imagine if you will, nail polish. lol That is what they remind me of. With them, you can test drive the color of paint you think you like, without having to buy the whole gallon and risk hating it!

I love their Paint Testers for touch up jobs. It's great because we have an artist in our home and crayon ends up all over the place. White painted furniture and crayons do not mix. Now instead of having to drag out a while gallon, a paint brush, and all the other necessary supplies, I can just grab my white Paint Testers and our dresser is good as new....for now!

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