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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pawning my kids off - an angry mom's rant!

I recently have been accused of "pawning my kids off all the time". I want to set the record straight..and since this is my blog, well looks like I can say whatever I want.

:begin rant

#1 - Until you pay my bills and take care of my children, what you say does NOT matter one bit in this household. Jon and I are the parents, and if we think the decisions we are making are in the best interest of our children, then who cares what you have to say.

#2 - If I were pawning my kids off, wouldn't Zak be gone just as much as Haylee?

#3 - If you even suggest that I love Zak more which is why he is home more than Haylee, you are sadly mistaken. She is and always will be my baby girl! She can voice what she wants more than him, she can ASK to go over there....and besides, he's a mama's boy, it's hard to leave him places...and it's hard for people to watch him because he cries for me.

#4 - My grandparents LOVE Haylee, and Haylee loves them. I am not going to tell her no if there isn't a valid reason she shouldn't go over there. Just because it bothers you doesn't mean you need to spew your venom around. When I was her age, I was there all the time as well....there isn't anything wrong with it! Let me refer you back to #1 - WE pay her bills, WE take care of her, WE cloth her, WE feed TOFU!

#5 - The only times I have "pawned" my kids off are when they both aren't home. By "pawning" I mean that I have actually called someone and say, "Hey, can you watch the kids tonight?" This is on VERY rare occasions. The other times, which would be about 95-97% of the time, my grandparents, or whoever has Haylee for the night, have called and asked to take her.

#6 - If you ask me one more time where Haylee is, and then roll your eyes at me when I tell you, I think I may snap. This is your warning. :D

and in closing...

#7 - If I EVER hear of you saying that CPS needs to intervene again....I will let the flood gates of my anger open and I promise you, you will not like what you have to hear! :D Look at your own parenting skills before you spew your nonsense around.

I am so thankful that my children have people in their lives that love them enough to want to spend as much time with them as they can. Quit with the jealousy. I do not have a perfect life, there is NOTHING to be jealous about. So please, find someone else to talk about, I've had just about enough of your crap, and as you know, I can only bite my tongue so long before I let loose.

:end rant

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