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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Good news? Bad news?

Sorry I haven't been around much. Been pretty busy and have had a lot on my mind. Here is a pregnancy update.

I'm no closer know anything today then I was yesterday.

When I went to the ER last month for the bleeding, the u/s didn't revile anything. The dr. saw the "yolk sack" but no baby and he said it was just too early.

Fast forward to my appt today. It was my first OB appt and it was pap day. I was talking to the dr. to see if we could hear the HB and he said that the baby normally at this stage is still too low in the pelvis to hear anything. I said well we just want to make sure there is something in there. He ask what I meant and I explained. Plus said I am still having the bleeding. He looked over my papers from the ER and said lets get you another u/s. Well I had one scheduled for next Tuesday and he said let me go give my scheduling nurse a little wink and see if she can squeeze you in on Thursday. Soo...we go and FINALLY get answers on Thursday at 2.

He also told me he didn't want to scare me but..I interrupted and said please don't hold it back. We have prepared ourselves for this since it was called a "Threatened miscarriage" we knew we could lose the baby at any time. He said ok. Well you could have either lost it or could have had what we call a *he did the hand quotations* "False pregnancy".

Soo..two more days.


  1. I really hope you are able to get some answers soon. The limbo is the worst part of it. Good luck and you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. I feel for you. Bleeding during pregnancy is always scary. I remember when I started to bleed during my third pregnancy at 9 weeks. I remember the shock I felt, and I felt sooo cold.

    It turned out the baby had died several weeks ago, but my body hadn't caught up yet.

    Hope everything turns out fine!

  3. prayers to you and the little one...I hope all goes well and everything is ok..

    miss you!


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