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Thursday, November 13, 2008


One of Haylee's favorite things to do is play "Super Baby". Jon learned that if you tied her blanket around her neck (LOOSLY! lol) and told her SUPER BABY she would take off running all the while just laughing. She LOVES it! 

Check out this great product I have found.

What I love about this Stylish Superhero shirt from Fliggity is that she can be "Super Baby" all day long without having to take her blanket with us where ever we go. 

These shirts have reversible removable capes that are held on by buttons on top of the shoulders. The star design in the front is embroidered on and looks VERY secure. 

Haylee adores this shirt. When she is wearing it walking is out of the question. Super Babies have to RUN! It is so fun to see.

Fliggity is a great children's clothing company that designs their clothes based on a child imagination. They are created by moms who take ideas from their kids. What a great idea!

Fliggity doesn't only make Superheao shirts. They have a bunch of great clothing for the child in your life.

Along with the Superhero shirts they offer their Shirts that Fliggity Fly. It's basically a costume in a shirt. Here is an example.
Want to show everyone how old your kiddo is? Fliggity's How Old Am I Shirts would be perfect for you.

Check out Fliggity's site to find your favorite!

Fliggity has been gracious enough to offer Leslie's Life readers 20% off their purchase. Pick your favorite item/items and when you are at the "my cart" page enter the code fliggity20 to redeem your discount. 

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