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Monday, October 20, 2008

If it's not one thing...

it's another!!

Well, finally got my car fixed. My dad ended up going to a junk yard about 45 minutes away and getting a part (well 2 in case one broke!) so it's running.

Last night my crazy kid was running around and bumped the table and spilled pop all over my laptop keyboard. Mama was NOT happy!! I know, I shouldn't have had pop by the computer. All the keys are still working except the space bar is a pain to press. Hopefully it'll loosen up with use.

I have a few freebies up on my layout blog, Lay It On Me Designs. I am also working on a layout that a blogger is going to be doing a review on. Pretty neat! :) Hopefully it'll bring me in some business.


  1. I did that a few months ago with a frisbee playing with the dog. Grape Juice all over the brand new MacBook. I sold it on eBay for parts with full disclosure and bought a new one :)

  2. Hi Leslie, sounds like its been an interesting week for you. One could only think that the good stuff balance out the bad...I wanted to let you know that someone commented about the look of my blog and I wanted to thank you as they really found it quite stylish and as an artist they loved the way its presented. So hats off to you again!

  3. I've been online and looking for you missy. No blog posts recently, no msn activity, you suck lol

    But you won an award:
    See Here


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