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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day to day life sucks sometimes

It's been on of those weeks. We've all been sick with colds and sneezes, the furnace stopped working, we have $0 thanks to bills and to top it off, my car took a crap on me again today.

When will it end? Why is it that when one thing goes wrong our whole week turns to crap?! I can handle being sick and the furnace...but to be stranded without my car, that is rough.

Who wants to come help do laundry? I don't want to do it! haha

On the plus side, I have decided to take a new business adventure. I will be making and selling blog layouts. I got my first layout completed last night. I am doing a few before I open my site so I can learn what all needs to be changed and tweak my code so it goes smoothly. Head over to D-Lo's Lounge and check out her new look. Let me know what ya think!

I have a few more to make and then I will be opening my site. If you are interested in having me make a layout for you keep checking back. I am hoping to have the site up and running within a week or so. My prices will be pretty inexpensive, you will have the option of complete customization, and I promise I'm very nice to work with. ;) lol


  1. I find this ALWAYS happens. Like that old rhyme about the little boy. When it was good it was very good, and when it was bad it was horrid.

    Hang in there! Cute blog layout!

  2. Hi, found ya from the Post Live Contest :)

  3. Love love LOVE the blog design...I had to do a double take on the cartoon character that was used to depict my lounge...thats the lady I would love to, seductive yet classy. Thank you for designing my blog. I will definately be talking about it for weeks on end!! Cheers!

  4. Sadie's CraftsOctober 18, 2008 at 3:23 PM

    I found you through a friends blogs. Hope all is well! I hate it when everyone is sick too! Especially when you have so many things to do. Come visit my blog! We are having a giveaway. Just leave a comment and you're entered for the drawing.GET BETTER!
    Sadie @ Sadie's Crafts from Raspberry Lemonade

  5. you have got a seriously cute blog here.. can't wait to see what other scrapbook like/colourful girly themes you come up with. :) All the best!

  6. so how is the blogging business coming along? I am quite glum and dumb when it comes to blogs and designing them...hence coming back here to ask you about it...I'd like to know how I go about adding a tab to show/advertise products I am currently promised I wanted to have a section on my blog where I can put their advertising logo up permanently (sorta like Ginas page)---your services would be greatly appreciated!!


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