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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yummy dinner!

I belong to a message board and one of the members posted her recipe for Chicken & Dumplings. Everyone raved about it. Since that is one of Jon's favorite foods I decided to give it a try last week. Well, it's in my crock-pot again today! It is SO good and SUPER easy!

Here is Di's Chicken & Dumpling Recipe.

1 package of boneless skinless breasts
1 can of cream of chicken soup
1 can of chicken broth
1 can of 8 biscuits - quartered

dump all ingredients into slow cooker except for the biscuits and cook on low for 6 hours. 30 mins before serving add biscuits and continue cooking on low for additional 30 mins.

I combined this with another recipe that a memeber had posted. I use 2 cans of cream of chicken, 1 can of chicken broth and 1 can of water. And I also add 2 T butter.

Be sure to try this! It's amazing!


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