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Sunday, September 28, 2008


Hoobobbers, what are they? Well they are a great company that makes a variety of children's items from furniture to bedding.

What drew me to their company is that most of their furniture items are able to be folded up and easily stored. Living in a small place, that is a must for us.

I really love their Directors Chair/Booster Seat. My daughter uses this daily. When she is eating we just strap it on the kitchen chair and she is right at the table level. When she is sitting in the living room watching her beloved Mickey Mouse she is perfectly comfortable in this great chair.

Like I said, what I love about it is that it folds up. When we are done using it for the day we just set it behind the chair in the living room. No clutter! The directors chair's frame is made from solid polypropylene so it's very sturdy. The seat is also very sturdy as it is made from adult weight fabric. It is also very light weight so Haylee has no problem moving it where she wants it.

The only draw back I see is she is still a bit of a messy eater. I'd like to be able to take the cover off and throw it in the wash. Other than that minor detail, it's a GREAT seat!

Hoohobbers also give you the option to personalize the chair with your childs name. It would be a great Christmas gift!

Hoohobbers has a great line of childrens products including, crib bedding, tables, rockers, sleeping bags, and toy boxes. Head over to their site and check out the collection they have.

Want to win your own chair? Keep checking back, a giveaway will be posted soon!


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