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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day 1

A little about me...well, there really isn't much exciting. I'm Leslie. I'm 24. I live in Bowling Green Ohio and I run my own Avon business.

I am an Independent Avon Sales Representative as well as a Unit Leader. It takes up a lot of my time but it is something I LOVE doing! I recruit by going door to door as well as working festivals like fairs. We also run ads in the newspaper and appoint new representatives that way. It's the other baby in my life and like it said, takes up probably 40 percent of my time!

Bowling Green, what to say. Well, we are the home of BGSU, LOTS of pizza places and at me last count 8 Subway restaurants! LOL We host the National Tractor Pulls every August. I guess the only real bragging rights we have are we are the hometown of Scott Hamilton and for anyone who has watch General Hospital and knows the characters Max and Milo Giambetti, the actors are from here as well. Derk (Max) is a few years old than I am, and his brother Drew (Milo) is a year older than me.

I guess that is really all there is about me and my town. I can wait to read about everyone else.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Leslie,
    Stopping by from the blog trip. Nice to meet you.


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