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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Angry/sad day!

So today was an angry/sad day!!!! You know the kind where nothing goes right. I am obsessed with Big Brother. I watch Big Brother After Dark so much that my fiance says he's getting me some help. Well, I stayed up watching them until about 2am and finally went to bed. Wouldn't you know that as soon as my head hit the pillow I hear, Mooooooommmmy. Great. I yell back...."Goo to sleepp little girl." All is quiet for about 10 minutes. "Mooooooommmmmy." Finally back asleep at 5 AM. Well 8:30 AM rolls around and I hear MOOOOOOOMMMY. I look at the clock hoping to see 10 MAYBE 11. And moan, "are you kidding me child" roll out of bed and manage to fix the girl some cherrios and find Playhouse Disney on TV.

Fast Forward to the worst part of the day. Daddy finally rolls his lazy butt outta bed around 10-10:30ish (he was up with her until 5am too) and I'm laying on the couch talking to him. I run the back of my hand across the and my ring snags and something pops. OH NO is the first thing that went through my head. I look down and one of the prongs that hold the diamond on my engagement ring is completely bent.

What makes me so angry about the whole thing is back in May I took the ring up there and showed them that prong and told them it felt loose and looked like it had moved on the diamond a little bit. He felt it and said no it looks fine. Whhhhhatever! Oh well, it's got a lifetime guarantee on it, it'll get fixed for free I'm not TOO concerned about it. I am just sad I'll be without my ring for a week or a little more. Booo!! *insert sad face here*

So that is my angry/sad day story.

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  1. Thank goodness for the lifetime warranties!!! I lose the diamond out of my engagement ring by getting it caught on the mailbox. Luckily, my hubby jumped out of the truck and looked until he found it, upside down in the dirt. They said that even if I wouldn't have found it, they'd have replaced it. Geez louise!! LOL Glad you are able to get yours fixed. :)


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