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Friday, May 30, 2008

So I rarely let this side of me show but I am bitter and want to whine about it. I am a SAHM who LOVES being home. There are days though when I need a break also. My fiance works 2nd shift and doesn't get home until midnight. 

Today I just got to the point where I'm bitter toward him that he doesn't have to fight our 20 mo old every night to go to bed. Doesn't have to fight her every morning that she cannot have "jed-de" *PBJ* for breakfast. And doesn't have to fight her that she cannot kick the kitty everyday. 

I know he works and is awesome enough to provide for us while I stay home, do my Avon and blog all day. But mama needs a break! Mommy needs an adult conversation every once in awhile. Mommy needs a DRINK! haha I guess what I really need him to do is on the weekends give me a bit of relief. You put her to bed, I'm going out with the girls!! 

Oh so that's my rant/whine for the day. Back to your regularly scheduled blogging. 


  1. I hear ya!!!! I could have written this myself, BLAH day and I NEED A BREAK or i'm gonna go crazy soon day here as well!

    Hang in there chica!

  2. It's good to rant and whine, didn't it make you feel better afterwards?
    I can remember those days along time ago when I stayed home with my kids (Gina remembers), and ready to scream, and rant because I didn't get a break, but those days did pass, now they are grown up, married with kids of her own, now I can sit back and say yep I remember the it's your yes you have a right to rant it helps..Mary

  3. It's my turn to whine!!!! I want copies of those pictures.

    Love you---mom


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