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Monday, April 14, 2008

Curious As A Cat Monday

1) Of all the children you know, who do you think will be the most successful? Why?

Well...of course I'm going to say my little girl. To me so is SO smart! For only being 19 mo old I can see how much more advanced she is compared to my 3 year old little brother. She is doing a lot of things, saying a lot of things, knows a lot of things that he doesn't know yet. I think, no I hope that this continues. I hope she goes on to be extremely successful when she gets older.

2) If you found out that someone you just met is a recovering alcoholic, would that change the way you felt about them? How?

No way. I think admitting you have a problem is a VERY brave thing to do. If it did change it, it would be in a positive way...I'd admire them for being strong enough to beat the addiction.

3) What one possession would you like to take with you to heaven (or equivalent)?

My pillow!! LOL It's a whale that I made in 7th grade and have slept with every night since I brought it home. That has been almost 10 years ago!

4) Who is the closest to being an angel of everyone you know?

I think everyone has a little devil streak in them, but the closest would be newborn babies! They are always angelic.

Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one.

The pic that was posted makes me thing of serenity, calmness, bliss!

Now it's YOUR turn. Go HERE and do your questions!


  1. Great answers. Everyone seems to be really sure about their own kids' success :-) I actually considered taking my pillow to heaven too.

    Thanks for playing--see you next week, I hope!

  2. Aw, such great answers, WELCOME TO BLOGGING LESLIE!! WOOHOO!!!

  3. hiya! good answers! love the pillow!!!!

  4. OMGoodness jr high home ec pillows! I remember making a big fuzzy star. Wonder whatever happened to that thing...
    Great answers! See ya next week!


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